This process is known as evaporation limited capillary penetration and is widely observed in common situations including fluid absorption into paper and rising damp in concrete or masonry walls The surface of the liquid between the planes is
The wetted length of the bar, that is the distance between the wetted end of the bar and the so-called wet front, is dependent on the fraction f of the volume occupied by voids Thus the thinner the space in which the water can travel, the further up it goes

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Capillary flow in a brick, with a sorptivity of 5.

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Water between two glass plates• Daniels, Introductory Geotechnical Engineering: An Environmental Perspective• When considering evaporation, liquid penetration will reach a limit dependent on parameters of temperature, humidity and permeability
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The above description is for the case where gravity and evaporation do not play a role
, 'An Introduction To Fluid Dynamics', Cambridge University Press 1967 ,• Sorptivity is a relevant property of building materials, because it affects the amount of
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Some values for the sorptivity of building materials are in the table below.

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Hoff, Water transport in brick, stone, and concrete
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When a dry porous medium is brought into contact with a liquid, it will absorb the liquid at a rate which decreases over time