NHS trusts may also publish their results on their websites and in their annual reports and Service providers are encouraged to make the FFT accessible to all patients
There have been several improvements to make it easier to use and more accessible for the public The NHS Friends and Family Test FFT was created to help service providers and commissioners understand whether patients are happy with the service provided, or where improvements are needed

Friends and Family Test (FFT)

This means they should be able to help patients that may need assistance, such as people with disabilities, literacy issues or mental health problems.

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For example, most GP and dental practices have feedback forms in their waiting rooms, which you can complete
" You can rank your answer from "very good" to "very poor"
The anonymous comments from service users are retained by the service and passed on to staff and managers
It's a quick and anonymous way to give your views after receiving NHS care or treatment If you wish to give feedback for a hospital service, contact the Patient and Public Involvement PPI team or the team at your hospital
Does the FFT replace the NHS complaints procedure or other forms of feedback? Information about what could have been better is used to continuously improve services If you feel that you should have been given the opportunity to respond, but did not receive the question, speak to a member of staff first

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Here you can see percentage scores, which show how many people would recommend the service.

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This lets staff know that their efforts have been appreciated
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