During our tour it became apparent why Yishai kisses Meir all day and Meir's face lights up when he sees Yishai
What are the southern wall excavations? We may be going to the zoo again soon Whilst looking out the window of the bus, I was struck by how arid and hilly the area around Jerusalem is - to an outsider it hardly appears to be worth fighting for

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Back to the story, Judy went with Meir and I was to come with Yishai later, once Judy secures a place is in the queue.

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The Zealots could see their future every day for 2 years
800 British Pound Sterling to Israeli New Shekel
With close to 100% accuracy the ones he gets wrong are those colours that even I can't identify
1600 GBP to ILS
Meir can now crawl proficiently
He has a girlfriend, Mayan, and he is always talking about the time they went on the jumping castle together 2 weeks ago The main reason for travelling around the globe to Israel, of course, is to eat
The photograph with this blog doesn't do the tunnel justice because the flash lights up the path and you can't feel the darkness and the claustrophobia Eg 8 soldiers are killed and 2 are kidnapped by Hezbollah so the proportionate response is to kill 8 Hezbollah operatives and kidnap 2 of their soldiers

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The coffee could be better - nothing like the coffee at Rockefellers! The marriage ceremony began at 9.

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I can now speak in Hebrew using 4 words in a sentence
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An analogy: Bushfires surround Sydney in January 1994 or December 2002
GBP / ILS Currency Exchange Rate & News
Yishai enjoyed seeing the beach for the first time on this trip and did not stop saying "beach, beach"