There are five kiosks machines beside the cinema entrance for self booking the tickets, all the koisks are currently kept on hold because of the social distancing rules Located at gate 3 of Dhahran Mall is the probably the best one in the eastern province and it is also the biggest
The cinema hall is relatively new and well maintained

مجمع الظهران مول وأجمل 5 أنشطة تستحق التجربة


افلام جديده في السينما
The Hyperpanda store is adjacent to the cinema hall
افلام جديده في السينما
Security guards can be seen in the cinema hall to main the rules and regulations
Driving directions to Muvi Cinemas Mall of Dhahran
The screens are better, the seats are more comfortable than the other theaters
She specialises in site supervision and project management, regularly acting both as technical lead and as a skilled liaison between clients and contractors on major construction projects
Clean and good screen quality Seats were blocked with cards and these cards were being moved by people

Old Tweets: AlDhahranMall (أخبار مجمع الظهران مول)

But it also has the same problems as the others.

Old Tweets: AlDhahranMall (أخبار مجمع الظهران مول)
The toilet was really clean but , unfortunately, I did not feel comfortable when I was there because of the smell
Chapman Taylor
However, I was really disappointed of the toilet because of a strong cigarets smell
موڤي سينما
The unnecessary extra fee for online booking, is a rip off for people who want to plan ahead instead of queuing for an hour