Death pension due to occupational reason Death of the insured due to the accident Preparation and use of the lead glazes used for brilliance and hardness of ceramic
True copy of the legal notification of the entitled heirs This include Work in the extraction or preparation of manganese or its compounds and its grinding and packing

حاسبة ضريبة الدخل مصر

And any work involving exposure to asbestos dust and cotton dust so give rise to these diseases 21 Anthracis Anthrax Every work involving contact with animals infected with the disease or handling dead infected animals or parts of them, their products or raw offal, including leather, hooves, horns and hair as well as work in loading and unloading of goods containing raw animal products and their offal 22 Glanders Every work involving contact with animals infected with the disease, and handling their dead body or parts of them 23 Tuberculosis Work in the hospitals designated for the treatment of this disease 24 Poisoning by Beryllium Any work involving the use or handling of this element or its compounds or materials containing it 25 Poisoning by Selenium Any work involving exposure to its dust or Fumes or materials containing it 26 Symptoms and diseases resulting from exposure to changes in atmospheric pressure Every work involving sudden exposure to or work under high pressure or sudden change in atmospheric pressure or work under low pressure for a long time 27 Symptoms and Pathological diseases that result from hormones or their derivatives Every work involving exposure to the influence of hormones or hormone derivatives 28 Infectious fever diseases Work in the designated hospitals for the treatment of fever disease, or bacteriological laboratories or in any work involving contact with fever patients 29 Occupational deafness Every work involving exposure to high noise and includes, for example, work in guidance or maintenance of the aircrafts and operations of roads, mining, work next to the machines that create high noise or exposure to chemicals or drugs that affect hearing 30 Acute and chronic Skin inflammation and, eczema, and primary skin cancer, and eye inflammation and ulcers Any work involving exposure to any irritant, flammable or corrosive solid , liquid or gaseous, includes for example, exposure to mineral oils including paraffin and its products, tar or asphalt or bitumen, acids and alkalis …etc 1- If he has completed the required period for the entitlement of the benefit provided for in article 12 of this scheme.

حاسبة ضريبة الدخل مصر
This grant is paid to the widow of the deceased or the oldest child
التمويل الاجتماعي
Log in the Ministry of labour website or the Public Authority for Social Insurance
التمويل الاجتماعي
The deceased insured is not receiving any pension from any other government unit
After that, the insured must hand over the following forms:• The insured has reached fifty five years of age as long as his service period is 10 actual years There are beneficiaries entitled to this benefit in accordance with the provisions of the law
Those who are entitled to receive an end of service benefit which does not meet the requirements for non- occupational disability pension The duration of contribution Year of Service is not less than one full year

حاسبة ضريبة الدخل مصر

The insured has reached 45 years of age at the minimum.

حاسبة ضريبة الدخل مصر
The occurrence of death while being on the job
حاسبة مكافأة نهاية الخدمة
Calculation Method It is calculated based on the last gross salary received by the employee at the end of his service as a month's salary for each year of the first three years and two months' salary from the fourth year and beyond
Bank statement under the name of the beneficiary, representative or the heirs