He is the half-brother of the previous Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh , who appointed Sabah as Prime Minister in July 2003, replacing the Crown Prince of Kuwait, Sheikh [ ] Dissolution of the National Assembly[] Sabah dissolved the National Assembly on 19 March 2008 and called for early elections on 17 May 2008, after the cabinet resigned in the week of 17 March 2008 following a power struggle with the government
In 2016 Sabah hosted several UN-sponsored meetings of leaders from the warring factions in the Yemeni Civil War This is a great humanitarian day

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His brother was killed in the deliberate crash of.

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His ongoing efforts have been publicly supported by Qatar and other interested parties from the region as well as the US, UK, France and Germany
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Death[] After months of hospitalization at the in , Al-Sabah died on 29 September 2020 at the age of 91 due to long term health issues
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After a power struggle within the ruling family, Saad agreed to abdicate as Emir of Kuwait on 23 January 2006 due to his illness
Soon, word began to spread that Saad was unable to take the oath in full
Some reports suggested that he suffered from or some other debilitating disease; it was generally agreed that he was unable to speak, at least at any length On 15 January 2006, the Emir, Sheikh Jaber, died, making Sheikh Saad, Crown Prince of Kuwait, the new Emir

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But the Constitution requires that the Emir be sworn in before Parliament, and the oath of office is complex.

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The agenda of Kuwait is peace; is understanding
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Initial news reports may be , and the to this article the most current information
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Under his leadership, Kuwait has acted as a go-between for Pakistan and Bangladesh, Turkey and Bulgaria, Palestine and Jordan, factions in the civil war in Lebanon, the Gulf States and Iran
Also in 2014, former United Nations Secretary-General cited Sabah as a humanitarian leader globally and presented him with a Humanitarian Award On 24 January 2006, the voted Saad out of office, moments before an official letter of abdication was received
Session of the in A struggle broke out between the government and parliament in 2012; he consequently dissolved the parliament Please feel free to but note that updates without valid and reliable references will be removed or discuss changes on the

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The Kuwaiti Cabinet nominated Sabah as Emir.

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There were some questions from the boycotting countries about any preconditions
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Trump and Sabah had a third meeting at the White House on September 5, 2018
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Early life and early career[] Al-Sabah was born on 16 June 1929