We will soon launch a community and instructors blog to be more close and realistic Help Trainees to find Training Centers and available batches
Some of the most important benefits include:• The old version will remain online untill 2 months Important Note: Based on the regulations related to continuing education hours, we note that the continuing education hours related to this event will be granted only to the registrants who have proven their attendance from the target audience mentioned in the announcement

تسجيل بدورات الإنعاش القلبي الرئوي عن طريق موقع جمعية القلب السعودي

Checking availability of Instructors and appoint inspectors to prospective TC.

Issuing of e-Certificates to Training Centers, Providers and Instructors
ksa cpr شرح موقع جمعية القلب السعودي والتسجيل بدورة الانعاش القلبي الرئوي
We have been able as over the years to provide research and fellowship grants through our sincere supporters and allies which has translated into many successful and productive projects that we are proud of
دورات جمعية القلب السعودية
Aim to encourage original research by awarding a Young investigator Award
Aim for a partnership with industry in order to increase the SHA resources and increase the effectiveness of delivering our public health massage in a professional manner Online Heart Community Provides an open platform to communicate and share information in your field Year round, Online Training sessions in different basics and sub-specialties Social Digital Library, where the members are encouraged to share their valuable digital content so that the whole community can enjoy and benefit from them Monthly Newsletter featuring:• Giving the opportunity for the Members in the Association to contribute to the scientific development of its fields
All users can enjoy our new videos at the home page Online verification of e-Certificates


It worked through building up the human capabilities for training the CPR courses and accreditation of training sites centers at governmental and private level.

Dear all we develop this blog for you to have interactive healthy discussions between each others including seniors, faculties and the experts in the science of CPR
جمعية القلب السعودية
By, assuring the quality in presenting this science
Generating real-time statistical reports
Nowadays, the committee continues its commitment to the resuscitation science All trainees and instructors can enjoy the up to date science through log in to their accounts
We are happy to be part of this success through your valuable comments Conducting online pre and final examinations

جمعية القلب الأمريكية

Our annual conference is one of its kinds in the region that every one awaits to receive the most updated knowledge and interact with top experts in the field nationally and internationally.

جمعية القلب السعودية
Aim to promote quality cardiovascular meeting in Saudi Arabia through collaboration with the Saudi Council for Health Specialties
طريقة طباعة شهادة CPR من موقع جمعية القلب السعودية
Aim to implement Quality Improvement Initiative as a result of the full area registry result
Saudi Heart Association
Over the years our international collaborations have grown as well to enrich the science and knowledge in cardiac diseases and patient care