Previous structures [ ] In earlier seasons, the league has been radically overhauled to feature all the professional clubs of Bahrain
The leagues featuring up to 19 teams would play each other on one occasion with the top 10 teams staying in the Premier League top flight and the bottom sides from 11 to 19 forming the next seasons 2nd division The winners of the domestic championship qualify for the

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Currently known as the Premier League, the first season was held in 1957.

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Instances being the and league seasons
الدوري البحريني الممتاز
Between the seasons of 2002 and 2009, the top four sides of the league would also play in the
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The championship is currently contested by 10 clubs
Club Number of Championships 34 includes West Riffa 13 5 5 2 1 now 1 1 1 1 1 Top scorers [ ] Year Best scorers Team Goals 14 15 17 25 24 14 17 13 14 10 4 16 7 11 18 14 14 12 References [ ]• : Total championships [ ] The number of national championships that clubs in Bahrain have attained Structure [ ] Current structure [ ] 10 clubs currently play a two round robin set of fixtures totaling 18 games in order to determine the league champions
Although games are played on a home and away basis, almost all games are played at the Football league Bahraini Premier League Founded 1956 ; 65 years ago 1956 Country Bahrain Number of teams 10 Level on pyramid 1 to Domestic cup s International cup s Current champions 13th title Most championships 34 titles TV partners Bahrain Sports TV Current: The Bahraini Premier League is the main competition in the Kingdom of

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Bahraini Premier League
الدوري البحريني الممتاز 2017
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