Keep up the good work! I personally feel that there is nothing missing in the app
One-Step Checkout Checkout is now faster and easier where you can place your order with only one step The only drawback I give, is the log in, sometimes problems happen and it can remember my user even if i put remember, and the availability of the product in stores some times i see the product not available in the site but i see it in the store it needs little improve in terms of refreshing the site info

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It tells you if the searched product is available in so and so branch which I like so that I can go to that branch Which has my desired product in stock.

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Our app is now much faster! This app is great and user friendly
وظائف مكتبة جرير للجنسين رابط التقديم على الوظائف
You could browse and complete your checkout in record time
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مكتبة جرير


مكتبة جرير
وظائف مكتبة جرير للجنسين رابط التقديم على الوظائف
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