Among his greatest scientist of that time on site "El Hafid Abu Ras Ennasir El Mouascari", and that the works gives us undetermined information about his life, his works, his relationship with his environment and especially the scholars, students and sovereign country dz chabani noureddine, nourchabani yahoo
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الحافظ محمد أبو راس الناصري الجزائري وأجوبته الفقهية من خلال الإله

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منذر أبو راس
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مركز الدكتور أبوراس لطب الأسنان
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عبد الله أبو راس
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This great scholar has left enormous comments on several areas of life such as political, intellectual, social

منذر أبو راس


أبو راس الناصري الجزائري
منذر أبو راس
أبو راس الناصري الجزائري