الا ليت الزمان يعود يوما. فيا ليت الشباب يعود يوماً

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' I just want to note that it's so eloquent in Arabic and so colourful because youthness is Shabab meaning the youth and grayness is Masheeb Gives it an extra spice


There's a similarity in the way it is pronounced and written.

شرح مائة المعاني والبيان
Maybe as english speakers, you can't see it but in Arabic it's extremely colourful
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And it causes them to yearn for the time which was wasted
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The phrase goes back much further; see The Oxford Dictionary of Proverbs Cf
Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience "God, tell us the reason, why youth is wasted on the young" Clearly implies the young do not know the value of what they have until much later in life
Any idiom, proverb or piece of poetry suchlike? If you have an answer, it must be your definitive answer to the question at the top of the page

ألا ليت الشباب يعود يومآ فأخبره بما فعل ____ من 6 حروف

Provide details and share your research! The question asks for an idiom via the idiom-requests tag and your suggestion is hardly idiomatic, and indeed introduces "tenuously" which is not in the original at all.

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A certain song comes to my mind
May not be as descriptive a prose as you expected
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